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Ambiology 5: Eden

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Eden is the perfect CD to assist in creating transformation, harmonic balance and attunement in your life.. One hour of continuous, ambient lush music composed at a tempo that is consistant with your heart at a relaxed state.

The low earthy tones ground the listener and then blend into ethereal voices that connect the listener with their true heavenly nature and intuitive self. The earthy tones and ethereal voices are then brought together by beautiful interwoven pianos that create an opening for transformation and attunement. Beautiful Harmonics within this piece truly take the listener
to “ The Zone” effortlessly. Music is the Universal language of Love and the piece truly encompasses this statement!

Like all of the Ambiology series, “ Eden” is composed at a tempo that is consistent with your heart at a relaxed state and is one hour of continuous, lush, ambient, music composed by Grammy Award winning producer Barry Goldstein. It is great for:

• Creating and assisting in transformation from one state to another.
• Working with the intuitive self to remove exiting “veils” that might exist.
• Assisting in moving through transitional periods or “ruts” within your life.
• Creating comfort for those with dementia.
• Relaxation and Meditation
• Stress relief
• Massage therapy
• Spa’s
• Dental and Medical offices
• Reiki, reflexology, acupuncture and all types of energy work

Light Sound Therapy for your body and soul combined with Light Therapy. 

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